About us

SANDRA MOSS is the result of the joint concern of shoe manufacturer Francisco Chazarra and Sandra Morales and designers Alvaro Carpena and Claudia Carpena. In the last few years we have been able to focus on what we really wanted to do and offer, the idea of creating an aesthetic experience for an outdoors-oriented life.

We are lovers of uniqueness and tradition, in the sense of modern classics. Modern for contemporary, for fashion and for design. Classic for well-made, enduring and iconic. To experience the supreme pleasure, but with the rigor and the will to do it well, with all our soul. This product of our imagination protects under its name, as a declaration of intentions, the components of the team: the know-how of the manufacturer, the vision of the expert designer and the projection of youth.


This is a genuine and honest capsule collection, based on noble materials, clean shapes, basic colors, strategic transparencies and clever and effective constructions. We offer a collection that looks to the future, for now and forever, but without forgetting our roots. The land where we live offers us the opportunity to manufacture excellent quality shoes, that is why all the components, processes and manufacturing of our products are handcrafted in the province of Alicante, mainly in Elche.